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Dedicated Food Hygiene Team


Food safety is the top priority at Orange Clove. We take ample precautions to ensure that our food served is not only delectable but also safe to consume.
What are some of our food safety measures in place that will give you a peace of mind when you order from us?

Why Are We Different

In-House Food Safety Team

Each of our kitchen is presently assigned a qualified food safety officer who is in charge of upholding the food safety management system by conducting daily routine inspection and food sampling.

Regular Audit of Kitchens

We also have an internal food safety auditor who will conduct monthly audit of our kitchens to ensure that there is no lapse in our food safety management system.

Food Safety Tests at Laboratory

Food samples, hand swabs of food handlers as well as swab samples of food preparation and packing surfaces, are submitted for laboratory testing every month to ensure our food is safe from microbiological contamination.

Semi-Monthly Pest Control

Licensed pest control professionals are engaged to carry out pest management services at our premises semi-monthly to ensure high hygiene standards are consistently maintained.

Stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

* Food ingredients can only be prepared one day in advance to ensure optimal freshness

* All staff are to ensure strict adherence to the one hour food preparation to delivery policy

* Food temperature checks are conducted on every dish upon completion to ensure items are thoroughly cooked

* Just-in-time inventory management approach is adopted to ensure optimal freshness and proper storage of our raw ingredients

* No recycling oil is to be used in food preparation

Comprehensive Food Safety Training for Kitchen Staff

All new kitchen staff are required to complete the WSQ Basic Food Hygiene Course whereas existing ones must attend the WSQ Refresher Course after five years. In addition, they are also required to attend the annual food safety management training that is conducted internally.

Well-Trained Delivery Captains

Our delivery captains are just as well-trained as our kitchen staff in food safety to ensure the same level of cleanliness and care are observed throughout the transportation of food and set up of the buffet lines.

Good Cleaning and Sanitation Practices

Good cleaning and sanitation practices are observed in our kitchens. For instance, all our catering wares, from food warmers to dishes, are sanitised with hot water and/or sanitiser to reduce the number of microorganisms to safe levels.

Strong Accreditations

Our central kitchens are certified under ISO22000 food safety management system and awarded ‘A’ Grade by AVA.

Kitchen Tour

If you are an existing customer of ours, we welcome you to schedule an appointment for a kitchen tour with us. Please email us at for more details.

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