Majestic Orient Wonders

Journey into our heartwarming adaptation, based on a childhood memory shared by one of our beloved staff- an enchanting story of how the mighty and revered Dragon earned its place as the fifth animal in the mythical Zodiac race. Watch on and who knows, you may unfold the secret behind our culinary inspirations of the Majestic Orient Wonders, where each recipe is a timeless tribute to this timeless legend.... 

Step into Orange Clove's enchanting lore of "Majestic Orient Wonders", where we embark on a journey of culinary delights that transcend ordinary meals. Each dish is a true celebration of ancient traditions and tantalizing flavors, each bite revealing the Orient's most treasured secrets, handed down from generation to generation, meticulously crafted to perfection. 

Imperial Harmony, A Dragons Ensemble

A festive dish comprising of thin slices of raw fish and various seasonings that are mixed together as diners toss the ingredients. The dish is regarded as auspicious because of the meanings behind its ingredients, which suggest blessings and good fortune for the Lunar New Year.

The quintessential centrepiece of any CNY celebration, the Yusheng is made to dazzle when it comes from Orange Clove.


Roaring Celebrations at Our Clients' Events

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With more than 38 different festive dishes to choose from, Orange Clove’s Bountiful Fortunes Ala-carte and Happiness Grandeur DIY Platters offer one the freedom to take your pick from CNY favourites of Roast Meats, Seafood and Kuehs, to DIY party sets that are perfect for sharing.

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CNY Festive Buffets Cover with Promotion
Vibrant Fortunes
Prosperous Harmony
Majestic Grandeur
Nonya Treasures
Nonya Feast

Our Festive Buffets boasts an array of oriental favourites, from the savoury Fragrant Taro Rice with Chinese Sausages & Mushrooms to the tantalizing Truffle Roasted Duck with Truffle Hoisin Sauce. Craving Peranakan cuisine? Look no further than our Nonya Feast Buffet, featuring some of the best creations from our Chef- an absolute must-try!

CNY Regular Buffets Cover
Harmonious Joy A
Harmonious Joy B
Grand Acheivements A
Grand Achievements B
Flourishing Success A
Flourishing Success B
Triumphant Blessings A
Triumphant Blessings B
Peranakan Marvels A
Peranakan Marvels B
Peranakan Marvels C

Featuring five timeless Chinese New Year menus, our selection of CNY Regular Buffets is consistently a favourite among our customers. Enhance your celebration with an add-on of a DIY platter to add even more abundance and happiness to your festivities.

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CNY Festive Mini Buffets Cover
Soaring Success A
Soaring Success B

Celebrate the warmth of Chinese New Year with our Soaring Success Mini Buffet, an assortment of beloved festive dishes suitable for everyone. Indulge in our Fortune Cantonese Noodle or signature Founder’s Curry Chicken, making this festive season truly unforgettable with a feast to relish.

CNY Regular Mini Buffets Cover
Abundant Wealth A
Abundant Wealth B
Nonya Flavours A
Nonya Flavours B

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with our Abundant Wealth Mini Buffet, featuring a selection of favourites that spans across generations. Delight in our top picks like the Fried Hong Kong Mee, Cereal Prawns, or Steamed Mala Siew Mai- definitely a feast that leaves you craving for more.

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Elevate your corporate celebrations with our Chinese New Year Festive Bentos. Each bento bursts with traditional flavors and festive dishes, perfect for a prosperous and joyous gathering.

CNY Festive Bento - Harmony
CNY Festive Bento - Prosperity
CNY Festive Bento - Fortune
CNY Festive Bento - Resplendence
CNY Festive Bento - Imperial
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